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Aaron Zhang

Me in 10 Seconds

Hello! I’m a seasoned manufacturing and supply chain professional with extensive experience in the medical device industry, a startup founder with a knack for scaling businesses, and a proud alumnus of HUST, CUHK, and MIT. My passion lies in the art of creating – whether it’s through cooking, woodworking, or developing film. However, my true fascination is with transforming ideas into tangible realities, particularly through additive manufacturing and robotics. As a devout advocate for the Vim editor, *nix systems, plain text, and the open-source movement, I immerse myself in the efficiency and philosophy of simplicity. Inspired by thinkers like Derek Sivers, Yuval Harari, and Confucius, I'm constantly exploring the depths of innovation and wisdom. Welcome to my world, where bits and atoms converge to create the extraordinary, including life-saving medical devices.

Me in 10 Minutes

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I love hearing from people. Please email me at hi [at] aaron-zhang [dot] com and introduce yourself. I love getting to know different people and I reply to all.